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AM Squared

AM Squared (Aero Interiors) / Partner (DOA / POA's) was formed in 2019 as the result of a number of key Directors coming together under a single banner. These Aerospace Directors originated and are skilled in Design / Manufacturing-Technical Operations / Parts sourcing & Programmes.

The team was formed to offer a more effective and reactive approach to low volume demand for reconfiguration, enhancement and development of Aero Interiors. The team brings experience of not only Aero-interiors but also Structures, Avionics & Electronics for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, plus logistics support (on request). 

Design and Engineering (Pt21J)

AM Squared are pleased to announce a partnership agreement with two genuinely excellent EASA pt21J Design and Repair (145) Approved organisations. This increase our flexibility and further enhances our "One Stop Shop" turn-key approach to every Programme we deliver.

Collaborative Global Management Support

Every business has a common thread, one element that binds them together, steering their momentum; "they are all living organisms" - driven by real people with great ideas.

AM Sqaured can help move your business in the right direction. We are expert in identifying those gaps within an organisation, that results in delay (often wasted effort), poor visibility of progress and frustration; we can improve performance, often very quickly - restoring process flow and delivering success. 

Upgrade Support (Inc: Avionic / Electronic & Interiors)

AM Squared are engaged (retained) in the upgrade of several European based regional aircraft; our involvement includes full system upgrades to Avionics / Interiors and Electronics. We support our customers by offering and delivering practical Programme Management solutions, physical on A/Craft Hanger support and Supply chain co-ordination.

Passenger Hygiene Kits (Eco)

AM Sqaured can deliver hygiene kit in a sealed biodegradable pouch containing: Disinfectant wipes, Alcohol gel, Bio-degradable face-mask, nitrile gloves and bamboo based tissues. The pouch becomes the sealable waste container. 

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